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Marketing Strategic


For advertising you pay, for publicity you pray.

Advertising or paid advertising
is the multitude of advertising
messages for which the company
pays for production, broadcast
time and / or advertising space.


Marketing Audit

No one likes to waste time, especially since time can mean profit if it is spent responsibly. If you don’t believe in micromanagement and you want to hand over the marketing part to a specialized agency, but you don’t know to whom, Brand & Build offers you a preliminary solution to make this decision: marketing audit.

Branding & Design

We start from a dream. From a burning desire, from the motivation that will link your company to your future customers. Later we shape your brand from the reality we live in,
bringing simplicity as the main ingredient to help it be recognizable and memorable. We will have fun because this is the part that brings the greatest involvement on both sides, but also the greatest satisfaction: that of giving life. It’s the part we like the
most, so we will appreciate the sincerity with which you will tell us your dream in its entirety.

Social Media

With growing momentum in cyberspace, Social Media campaigns have become essential. Not only does it help the marketing team find leads, turn the brand into a recognizable one, or spread various messages. campaigns through real-time marketing, but can also increase brand loyalty.

Marketing Planning

Marketing planning is the easiest way to know what to do in terms of marketing tactics, on a clearly defined market, with a well-known target.

Your marketing plan is a vital tool for your business, especially since it is adapted to its needs.

Communication Planning

Communication is an art. We often say more than we want, or maybe even less. It is imperative that the brand involved in a communication process of the goal pursued for the development of turnover to communicate correctly and on channels with receptivity to the target audience. So it’s not just the message that matters, it’s the communication channel. In short, any communication planning will be a simple and quick solution to decide a communication direction for the proposed year, SMART objectives, and target audience.

Experential Marketing

Traditional marketing is losing ground to unconventional marketing. Often, the brand experience is much more important than the classic communication, the intensity of the interaction of the target audience with the brand becoming paramount. Creativity and the unconventional are the keys to experiential marketing.

Interactiv Marketing

Designed to encourage interaction between potential consumers and the brand, or to live enhanced online experiences, interactive marketing allows customers the opportunity to receive information/feedback from a company in no time.

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