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Marketing Coaching

Coach Your Marketing Mind - marketing coaching program based on neuroscience

marketing coaching- coach your marketing mind

Coach your Marketing Mind is a marketing coaching program based on neuroscience and was created to develop the left side of the brain, the one in which the analytical, logical, scientific, and mathematical mind develops. The left side of the brain is the one that solves problems, identifies details, matrices, systems, processes information in a linear form. In the business environment, creativity, developed on the right side of the brain, needs support from the left side of the brain to materialize. To build.




Creativity, perceived as a man’s ability to manifest his artistic potential, on which his emotion is based, is actually the ability to have new and useful ideas, but does not help to implement them with a strategy and tactics thought beforehand, these are the ones that help the idea to become very good by materializing it. Hence the slogan of this marketing coaching program, Boost your Creativity.


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Basically, the purpose of this marketing coaching program is to create new neural pathways by learning a new pattern of thinking with an emphasis on the marketing area, but also on the business area in general, starting from knowing the profile of targeted customers and the market in which you carry out your activity, you and your business. Moreover, I believe that a business is the extension of a person’s personality, and if we can improve aspects of it, we implicitly improve the business and its perception in the market.

The difference between consulting and marketing coaching

      Although many clients seek to consult in the area of ​​marketing, it is not very useful in the long run because it does not help the client to understand the functionality of marketing in a business, and why not, its essence, but only punctually answers some questions that I am, as I said, only helpful in the short term.

   The difference between marketing coaching and marketing consulting.  This is fundamental: it teaches you to think for yourself how to make your marketing strategy for your business, so that:

  • you will find out the market category you are in and the direct and indirect competition you have,
  • you will learn how to create value for your customers, but especially what their profile is,
  • you will be able to create a coherent value sentence, aligned with what your customers or target audience need, it helps you to clarify what your future brand / current brand looks like and what is the way to build it by following  your values ​​as a human being,
  • you will begin to understand the macro environment and how much it affects your company, how many opportunities you can discover in the market, and how to do effective research, what is the marketing strategy you want to approach,
  •  you will understand its 5 steps the marketing mix you will rely on, what the marketing plan to be implemented looks like,
  • you will know what to ask from a marketing agency but also your employees, or your collaborators, thus promoting, as much as possible, the idea of ​​relationships because they can become the most important ambassadors of your brand.



Based on the principles of design thinking

This marketing coaching program is about helping you bring clients, and implicitly profit in your business, but also to develop professionally in the marketing area with an expert who will help you integrate the information correctly. and use it to your advantage, especially after we build together a marketing strategy tailored to the needs of your business.



Basic advantage

The biggest advantage of this marketing coaching program is that you pay once and you will know for life how to approach both the internal and external environment of your company, because it helps you get into the marketing process as deep as possible, bringing a mental discipline and focus on the customer and the market. Because you are the one who knows best the market and the product /service, the competition, and the target audience, because you are on the battlefield, the premise from which we always start is that the best advice is the one you give yourself, but that often you need a little guidance to give you this advice properly, to make a decision that you feel comfortable with: the best decision at that time, depending on the circumstances.

Thus, we will start by completing and understanding together with the strategic marketing questionnaire (CSM) in order to deepen as much as possible the business, its vision, and mission (1). We continue by developing a strategy (2) and then a concrete plan (3) based on this strategy that includes:

– long-term and short-term marketing objectives in line with business objectives,

– target/audience,

– key messages,

-positioning and differentiation,

– desired income,

– the timetable of tactics required to be implemented,

– tools to monitor results through different methods of ROI,

– a return of investment.

Basically, our role is to be a marketing coach in the first phase and then your personal marketing director, if necessary.

Your benefits if you access the marketing coaching program – Coach your Marketing Mind:


– Strategic thinking: adopt a strategic marketing plan for business growth, 

– Increasing confidence: you gain influence over your decisions in a variety of situations, increased self-esteem,

– Knowing your strengths: find out what sets you apart and how to lead with those strengths, the market, 

– Creating focus: you act on the most effective marketing efforts, 

– Maximizing time: integrating marketing into daily work to link marketing to other business functions (financial management, HR, and operational),

– Building relationships: creating a system of care and development of the best contacts, 

– Motivation: you receive encouragement, inspiration, and support from the marketing coach, 

– Responsibility: stay informed through regular meetings, 

– Continuous measurement and evaluation of success: we measure quantifiable ROI of marketing efforts and results.

You may need the marketing coaching program - Coach your Marketing Mind - if:


– you have a lot of ideas, but you don’t know where and how to start,

– you understand the basics of marketing, but fail to integrate them into your business,

– you would like to make better marketing decisions but you don’t know-how, what are the steps, where to start,

– you would like a marketing strategy, but it is not clear to you if the one you have is suitable,

– you are already approaching the market with some marketing tactics but you are not sure that they are suitable, or that they bring you income,

– you feel that your Social Media pages, website, presentation materials could be improved because they do not represent you at all,

– do you think you would need solutions to automate marketing processes,

– do you think you can better position your products or services on the market,

– you know that you have unique, quality products/services but you do not know how to promote and/or sell them,

– you are not sure how to interpret marketing research (or how to do one),

– do you think that you need to differentiate yourself better from the competition, and implicitly position yourself,

– you think that Social Media takes up too much time and does not bring enough customers.

If you want to:


  • Implement the ideas you have,
  • Create, define and perfect your brand and its perception,
  • Get clarity and vision for marketing, promotion, sales,
  • To inspire your team to promote the brand,
  • Engage, energize and mobilize the team to build a culture that aligns with the marketing approach,
  • Discover the answers to some of the most difficult questions as a leader, the marketing coaching program Coach your Marketing Mind is for you.
Details on ps: you can also find an adapted version of the marketing coaching program, an online format,  here.
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