Mind Design is a CLAR product that is used to clarify goals, set attitude, energy, image in agreement and means a program in which a psychologist and an image consultant create frames to align the purpose, attitude, behavior and image. It is addressed to those who feel they want more. To those who want change today.

 It is done through a psychological, behavioral and attitudinal screening through a questionnaire and an in-depth interview by a psychologist  Later, with you, you will set the desired attitude for you to the superlative. The image consultant, will analyze the current image, keep the elements that fit the developed mental setting and will create an image portfolio that suits you, a description of the right style, the types of outfits adapted to your style, will propose suggestions for improving the projected image and solutions to match the projected image with the real one. In the full version, it will detoxify your wardrobe, make the necessary clothing and accessories and go with you to a shopping session. Together, you will create an album with composite outfits and consulting sessions for special occasions.

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