A camp “different” for all those interested in their spiritual development, regardless of their professional training or life experience, a camp in which different activities are combined with the relaxation and joy of a holiday. The camp is organized by the Association “Positive Change”.

A camp in which  you discover yourself and be what you came down to this Earth to be, to awaken the energy of the God / Goddess within you. A camp to reconnect with youself, with nature, with the sea, with LIFE. The camp program is supported by Delia Muresan, Angel Therapist, Spiritual Coach, Trainer.

Delia held 17 camps in which she was joined by 109 people on the way to their inner harmonization.

She is a daily guide for people in search of themselves. Founder of the Association “Positive Change”, she is a person who helps you to see beyond appearances, to look with love and gentleness and to find yourself.


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